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Antalya real estate market best, Melares company stands by Turkish or foreign citizens. Antalya is extremely popular with its mild climate, sea, sun, and modern life on the shores of the Mediterranean. Every year, thousands of tourists come to this beautiful city and admire it. Foreigners who come to this city on yearly vacations want to own a house. In this way, many expenses incurred every year are no longer unnecessary. New projects continue to be made in the city’s modern hotel concept. Melares is actively involved in the marketing and sales of these projects.

As a big city, Antalya has apartments, houses, and villas for every budget. When you contact Melares, finding the apartment that fits your budget is straightforward. The company, which has experienced consultants, closely follows the real estate market. This way, you can buy a house with the features you want that fit your budget.

Citizenship Through Antalya Real Estate Investment

Antalya continues to be the favorite of people who want to invest in Antalya real estate. The expectations of people who want to make money with the real estate they will buy come true. What are real estate opportunities suitable for investment in every district of Antalya that Melares consultants share with you? As a result of their feasibility, there is no room for any question marks in your mind. If you are not in Antalya, the real estate you invest in can be visited by video call. With your approval, all transactions, such as title deed and sales contract, are conducted with the power of attorney you will send.

Antalya real estate attracts the attention of people who want to get citizenship through investment. When you have a request for citizenship, the appropriate property list is sent to you. Melares investment advisors make the most of your time and your money. The company, which has been in the real estate market for years, provides 100% customer satisfaction. Besides Antalya, there are Melares branches in many cities and districts of Turkey. For detailed information, you can visit

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