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All You Need to Know About TikTok Algorithm

It is possible to encounter viral TikTok videos wherever you look lately. Because TikTok has become a trendsetter regarding social media platforms that produce video content. There is a TikTok video everywhere, but you are mistaken if you think they appear randomly around you. The trend of these TikTok videos depends on their suitability for the TikTok algorithm. That’s why one of the most wondered things by both individual TikTok creators and businesses aiming to grow their brands digitally is how the TikTok algorithm works. I am sure you are also wondering about this and looking for an answer to how to create engaging videos that fit TikTok’s algorithm and will be of attention to TikTok users. Crowdhall helps you surpass the TikTok algorithm and have it sorted for you immediately. Don’t worry; for more answers, follow this guide!

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work?

At this point, according to what parameters is a particular video that TikTok users will see on For You pages determined? I can hear you asking this question. These are no secret; if you consider these parameters before you start creating content, it is inevitable to reach the right audience.

#1 User Interactions

We call user interaction the actions that users take positively or negatively with the videos they see while using their TikTok accounts. If the interaction of users with the content is positive, the TikTok algorithm brings relevant content more often. If the interaction of users is negative, such content will be less visible on the user’s For You page.

User interactions can mainly include:

  • Followed accounts
  • Comments Posted
  • Liked videos
  • Hidden videos marked as not interested
  • Duration of time the videos were watched
  • Self-created videos: if users create videos

A good start would be to analyze these users’ interactions well before you create content for TikTok.

#2 Video Information

Video information is essential for the TikTok algorithm to classify your content. Entering the information properly will significantly help you to be listed on the For You page of relevant users. Video information elements on TikTok generally refer to the following:

  • Sounds
  • Captions
  • Hashtags
  • Video description
  • Text overlay

Using relevant keywords highlighting your content in the TikTok algorithm will be useful within these elements.

#3 Device and Account Settings

Device and account settings are another factor that affects the TikTok algorithm, although not as much as other elements. This factor, which still should not be ignored, includes:

Language P reference

Users’ language choices when using the app naturally significantly impact the language of the content that appears in front of them. The content on users’ pages is predominantly in the language they use the app.

Device Type

The app’s algorithm also takes into account the devices that users use. This includes the device’s screen size, whether it has an older version, etc.

The Country Where the User Uses the App

Just like language preference, content in the location of the country where users are located is more likely to appear on their pages.

These are mostly used by TikTok to make users convenient when using the app and to optimize the performance of the app. But it is possible to say that they also affect the TikTok videos that will somehow feature on the For You page.

Mastering the TikTok Algorithm: 6 Tips to Boost Your Content’s Reach

We have seen the factors that affect the algorithm in the TikTok app. The next step is to master the TikTok algorithm by considering these factors while creating videos. We have gathered useful tips that you can use for this.

#1 Create High-Quality Videos

If you want to create a viral video, you need to ensure the quality of your video. This means that beyond the quality of the content of the video, you should ensure the quality of the visuals and other elements. It is a fact that when it comes to quality videos, viewers’ watch time automatically increases. And creating professional-looking content is not that difficult on TikTok. Thanks to its editor feature, this app offers you great possibilities to improve your video.

#2 Choose your Niche

Choosing the right niche is crucial; the TikTok algorithm ranks videos based on users’ interests. Each user predominantly watches videos on topics that focus on certain areas. For some user profiles, this might be sports; for others, it might be cooking. Therefore, you should determine your niche well and create content for them so that you can be on the For You page of users in that niche. Determining your niche is undoubtedly one of your TikTok strategy’s most fundamental and crucial aspects. So, you should work on it well.

#3 Create Short Videos

Even if TikTok now allows long-form videos, whether this will benefit more engagement is questionable. Focusing on shorter videos improves your chances of moving up in the TikTok algorithm. Because in the TikTok algorithm, the video completion rate is important for ranking. Research shows that users engage more with short videos, while they do not watch long videos completely. In this respect, creating short videos can both increase your interactions, such as video likes, etc. and move you up in the algorithm.

#4 Utilize Trending Hashtags

Finding trending hashtags and capitalizing on them is one of the most functional ways to get featured on people’s For You page. The important point here is to examine the hashtags in your niche and determine the trending hashtags that will be useful for you. Thanks to these hashtags, the TikTok algorithm understands which users you need to reach. At the same time, users can access your content when they search directly with these hashtags. Hashtags also offer a unique opportunity to take benefit of TikTok’s unique challenge feature and reach new followers. For this reason, it is very important to find trending hashtags that are compatible with your content and use them.

#5 Tune in to Trending Sounds

TikTok has trending content, hashtags, etc., and trending songs. When you use these sounds in your videos, TikTok automatically highlights your video in the algorithm. Of course, you don’t want to use an irrelevant sound just because it’s trending. That’s why choosing the trending audio that suits your content is equally important. So, you’ll need to research that, too. You can check out previous high-performing videos to find trending audio that’s right for you. A successful example is always useful to give you an idea of what to do.

#6 Build TikTok SEO Strategy

The things we mentioned, such as utilizing hashtags, can be considered within the context of SEO strategy. But of course, TikTok SEO is not limited to this. To attract the attention of the TikTok community or keep the existing community, you need things they will like. This can involve many strategies, from including keywords that will attract their attention in your title to using these words in your video and adding them to subtitles. Using keywords essentially means acting on people’s search tendencies. This will not only help you create engaging content, but it will also greatly increase your discovery potential. If you haven’t paid much attention to SEO strategy, start implementing it in your next video and see the difference.

Closing Thoughts on TikTok Algorithm

The TikTok algorithm works based on users’ individual video-watching experiences to ensure they are exposed to similar videos they might like. The most functional feature in this regard is the For You page of the application. In this sense, each user’s For You page is unique and differentiated from other TikTok users, meaning users do not see the same videos. This way, TikTok keeps users on the app and guides content creators who aim to reach their target audience.

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