6 Things to Look For in Your First Video Editing Software

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Are you a budding video editing fan? If yes, you know that there are no native tools in the operating systems that allow you to do great things. This means that sooner or later, you’ll be in need of a good video editor. 

Thankfully, that’s not a problem. There’s a ton of specialized software that caters to your video editing needs. Some of them are rather basic and good for beginners. Others allow you to work with advanced special effects, layers, detailed timeline control, etc.

This makes you wonder about what to look for in video editing software because not just any software will do. 

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6 Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Video Editor

Below, we’ll detail a few key things that will make it easy for you to choose an editor that suits what you are looking for.

#1 Price

We could have started with any other factor, but there’s no denying that product cost is one of the most important factors. Decent software can cost between $40-150. Some professional programs are priced too high but don’t do much more than the most affordable software.

It is therefore a good idea to establish an initial budget and try to adapt to it. Depending on the features you need, the price might rise considerably.

#2 Input and Output Format

It’s no use purchasing a piece of software that promised to be the best but isn’t compatible with the video format you are going to work with. It won’t do at all if you can’t export your video files to specific formats either. 

In this context, it would make sense to make sure that the software can be updated. Technology doesn’t stand still and as new formats appear on the market, you want to be sure your software stays up to date.

#3 Editing Features 

What exactly do you need from your editing software? Is it something basic? Do you only need some simple mp4 joiners for cutting, splitting or rotating videos? Or do you need something more advanced? It wouldn’t hurt to buy a video editor that has as many handy features as possible, just in case you need them in the future.

#4 User-Friendliness

It’s also essential to have a video editor that’s as easy to use as possible. This factor is especially important if you are a beginner. Of course, the higher the level of features, the more complicated it will be to use. However, there’s always an opportunity to find the right balance. If you are going to start editing videos, maybe you shouldn’t get anything too complicated.

#5 Customer Service

Another criterion that should be considered and that we often overlook is customer service. The software doesn’t always run smoothly. Sometimes, you can find yourself facing a problem you can’t solve by yourself. When you buy a piece of software, you have to be sure that it comes with proper customer service to help you with whatever you need.

#6 Multimedia Resources

You’ll probably want to not just cut and join your videos but also make them eye-catching. That’s what all the special features like music, filters, captions, etc. are for. Take a look at the choice of special effects and plug-ins the software of your choice offers. 

Summing Up

This might not be the complete list of the things you should look for when buying your first video editor. However, it gives you a solid idea of what should (or should not) be there. No matter what, consider your needs first of all. As always the final choice is yours. 

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