5 Things Every Nail Tech Should Have at Their Table

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Are you looking to start a new business as a nail tech and have confusion about where and how to start? Then you’re at the right place. We’re a team of nail tech professionals stuck with the fashion and beauty industry for years. According to our experience today, we have listed 5 things every nail tech should have at their table. Details of all these types of equipment are given below. So, keep reading till the to get benefited.

  1. Nail Desk/Station

As you listen to a quote, “First impression is the last impression.” You can also relate this quote to the nail desk and your client. For instance, when a client enters the salon, it is sure that she will see the nail desk at first glance. So, it should be neat and clean for a good impression on the customer.

It is also advised to take measures of your salon before buying the nail desk and choose a perfect piece that adjusts according to the room’s dimensions. Otherwise, it will cost both time and money. To avoid this problem, it is better to ask the dealer to visit the salon and take all measures. 

  • Table Lamp

Nail treatment at a saloon is one of the ultra-careful jobs in the beauty and fashion industry. So, you will need a quality table lamp to see the nails clearly. Bad lighting can impact the performance of a nail tech, which results in losing even some potential customers. So, a table lamp should be your top priority while gathering the essentials for a salon.

  • Nail Cutter

A nail cutter is one of those things every nail tech should have at their table. It is used to trim and cut the extra length of nails. Some excellent quality cutters are also used to make shapes and designs of the nail. Moreover, they help in cleaning the dirt under the nail. 

Also, be careful while choosing the nail cutter. It is better to use two different cutters for fingernails and the toenails. Moreover, the fingernail cutter size should be small compared to the cutter for toenails. The reason is that the fingernails have curved edges so that they can trim better with a small clipper. On the other hand, the toenails have a straight shape, so they can be cut better by using a large clipper.

  • Buffer and Nail File

Buffer and nail files are the most affordable among the essentials for a nail technician. They are square or round and help to prepare the nail bed for nail polish. One can also use them for round shaping of nails edge after cutting the nails with a clipper. They can be made of emery boards, glass, plain metal, or ceramics.

  • Nail Drill

A nail drill is an electric gadget for filling or removing nail enhancements. It helps shape the fingernails and toenails quickly and efficiently compared to nail clippers. Nail drills are primarily found in the salon and rarely purchased for personal use. It needs the expertise to operate the nail so that an expert technician can only utilize it.

After purchasing nail drills, one must also think of nail drill bits. They came in different sizes and shapes, made of metal, ceramic, etc. The metal nail bits, which are very sharp, are used for the smooth surfaces of the nails. Due to its hard-edge tip, it will be easy for a nail technician to fix the cracks on nails.


We hope this guide will help you enough if you’re going to start a business as a nail technician. There are several other essentials, but these are 5 things every nail tech should have at their table. Furthermore, never compromise on the quality of these gadgets. Several things, like low-quality nail cutters, damage the nail instead of shape beautifully. So, beware of these things and keep growing your business.

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